Our Law Firm represents its clients in the negotiations with shareholders, public institutions and organizations and third parties during the legal works and transactions on these issues. Our Law Firm produces creative solutions in line with the needs of its clients during the negotiations that need to be done legally.

Our Law Firm provides consultancy services to its clients for the arrangement of the relations between the personnel of the companies, the decision of the board or general assembly mettings and all other issues that may arise during the daily operation.

Our firm ensures that all contracts that companies need are arranged in a way that suits the clients’ needs and can eliminate the risks that may arise in the future, and in this context, it represents its clients in negotiations regarding contracts.

Our firm also provides legal support for the restructuring of the Companies so that the daily operations can continue in a healthy manner.

Company Establishment Procedures

Mergers, Acquisitions and Splits

Termination and Liquidation Procedures

Registration of Company Shares in Capital Markets

Main Contract Changes

Capital Increase Transactions

Preparation of Contracts

Taking and Registration of the Board of Directors or Board of Directors Decisions

General Assembly and Registration of Joint Stock Companies