Another academic specialty of our Law Firm is Competition Law. Our Firm represents its clients both in the preliminary investigation phase and in the investigation phase of all investigations carried out by the Competition Board, such as notified / late notification of mergers and acquisitions.

Our firm also carries out the preparation and follow-up processes of mergers and acquisitions for the notification forms. Our Law Firm also provides consultancy services to its clients on issues such as distribution, dealership and procurement contracts, such contracts in accordance with competition law, and applications for exemption from the Competition Authority regarding contracts. In addition, it represents its clients before the Administrative Courts and the Council of State regarding the annulment of the Competition Board’s decisions regarding investigations or merger & acquisition transactions.

Representation of the Clients in Pre-Research and Investigations Conducted by the Competition Board
Following the Administrative Courts and the Council of State against the Competition Board Decisions
Making Mergers and Acquisitions Notifications to the Competition Authority
Examining and Making Suitability of Horizontal and Vertical Contracts such as Distribution, Dealership, Procurement and Agency for Competition Law
Application for Exemption