Our Law Firm provides legal consultancy services to insurance companies and insurance brokerage companies on the arrangement of insurance policies, preparation of private insurance clauses, and so on. In addition, our Law Firm represents its clients in negotiations and cases to be filed to resolve disputes that may arise in this area. It also represents its clients in insurance law compensation, insurance recourse cases and the operation of the arbitration process in this area.

Regulation of Insurance Policies
Preparation of Insurance Clauses
Insurance Compensation and Tracking of Recourse Cases
Disputes Concerning Insurance, Aviation and Marine Insurance and Resolution of the Dispute by Litigation
Material and Moral Indemnity Claims Regarding Accident Insurances, Collection of Insurance Fee
Resolution of Retirement Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance Claims and Claims before the Arbitral Tribunal or Consumer Courts
Flood, Fire, Earthquake etc. Insurance Claims Due to Disasters and Litigation of Compensation
Preparation, Termination, Partial Termination and Withdrawal Procedures of Insurance Contracts
Tracking of Disputes Arising in the Violation of Liabilities in Insurance Contracts
Loss Insurances, Disputes Arising from Compulsory Liability Insurances
Carrying Out Enforcement Proceedings before the Execution Offices and Courts for the Collection of Unpaid Insurance Premiums from the Insurer
Opening and Concluding Insurance Claims for the Collection of Compensation and Insurance Prices Paid by the Insurance Companies to the Damaged Persons.