Our Law Firm provides consultancy services for the regulation of client companies’ relations with the personnel and the prevention of legal disputes, and manages the restructuring processes of the companies in terms of labor law.
Our firm provides services in the preparation and management of employment contracts, checking the compliance of the payments made to the personnel and the lawfulness of the rights granted, maintaining the relations with the unions and making the processes in the companies compliant with the law.

Our Law Firm represents its clients in lawsuits regarding work return, severance pay, notice pay, bad faith pay, overtime, wages and leave.

Restructuring of Labor Law Processes
Preparation and Management of Business Contracts
Return to Work, Severance Pay, Notice Compensation, Badwill Compensation
Overtime Wages, Follow-up of Lawsuits Regarding Wage and Leave
Providing Alternative Opinions in Termination of Employment Contracts (such as Right or Valid Termination, Resignation, Agreement, Agreement of Contract, Normal and Early Retirement, Marriage / Termination Due to Military Service)
Protection of Employer’s Interests
Negative Commitments; Not Competing and Non-Competitive Commitment
Negative Commitments; Not Competing and Non-Competitive Commitment
Criminal Charter Regulations
Preparation of the Company’s Internal Guidelines and Policies
Protection of Personal and Personal Qualified Personal Data of Employees
Complex Reconstruction
Planning of Collective Dismissal Project
Arrangement of Annual Leave, Excuse Permit and Other Leave Applications
Transfer of Workplace and Transfer of Employment Contracts
Subcontractor and Temporary Employment Relations
Occupational Health and Safety
Collective Bargaining Negotiations
Execution of Appeal Process for Trade Unions Authority to Make Collective Bargaining Agreements
Stopping Strikes
Processes Related to Social Security Law
Immigration Issues, Work and Residence Permits, Visas
Employee Stock Options
Follow-up of Compensation Lawsuits and Recourse Lawsuits Brought in Case of Death or Disability as a Result of Work Accident